Why to choose my Chrome Extensions?

Safe Chrome Extension Design

All of my Chrome Extensions are made by me, with javascript/html code that is 100% safe for you and your PC/MAC.


Weekly Updates

Because of many site update their code every week, I stay alert at any changes and update my Chrome Extensions every week so you can be sure that it will work anytime!

Paid Extensions with More benefits!

If you want to support me and pay for my Chrome Extensions throught-out Chrome WebStore its the safest way to buy my Extensions which are verified by Google.
You will also get more benefits of my Extensions with the lowest price!


This is my Chrome Extension with which you can invite all of your friends to ANY page you want, either you are admin or no.
You can also invite all of your friends to Events on Facebook!


Click the Image Below to download it through the official Google Webstore!


Who am I ?

Kwnstantinos N.

Chrome Extension Developer

Hello. My name is Kwnstantinos.

I study at Technological Educational Institute of Athens in the department of Electronic Engineering.

My hobby is to make Chrome Extensions for various Social sites like Facebook or TSU.

Feel free to contact me via the Contact Form at the end of my site.

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